Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for this service?
There is no fee for the service. It is being provided by the Register of Deeds as a courtesy to property owners in the County.

How can I insure that notifications are not blocked by my e-mail filter or firewalls? What e-mails addresses should be included in my trusted or allowed sites?
You will receive an e-mail from when you set up the account. If a name that you have entered requesting notification matches a name that appears on an instrument filed in the Register of Deeds office, the notification will come from an address with this pattern:

For example, a notification for Catawba County would be from the name
Catawba Document Alert using the email address

As a further example, a notification for Cumberland County would be from the name:
Cumberland Document Alert using the e-mail address

The name of the County will be different for each County. Therefore, if you sign up for more than one county, you may receive e-mails with this pattern from each of them. You should take steps to allow receipt of each county name that you sign up for requesting notification.

Can I cancel notifications?
Yes, you may cancel your notifications at any time. You may do this if you no longer own any property in the County or if you no longer desire to receive notifications. To accomplish this, login to your account and choose the option to disable notifications.

I have forgotten my password. Can it be e-mailed to me?
Click here to request that your password be sent to the registered e-mail that you provided at registration. This usually takes a few minutes from the request.

I am getting too many notifications that are not related to property that I own. How can I change that?
There are multiple possibilities for why you are getting notifications for property that is not yours. First, you may have the same or similar name as someone else in the County.

Second, you may have entered a last name with only a single letter or partial letters for the first name. You may want to change the registered name to the full first name.

If you registered a business name, you may wish to include an additional word in the name.

Should I use my middle name or initial when setting up my search?
By adding the middle name or initial, you will be significantly reducing the chance that you get a notification. A person filing a fraudulent document may leave out the middle name or initial in the fraudulent document. If your name is very common or if you share your first and last name with a person that owns many properties in the County, you may choose to add the middle name or initial. But, we would not recommend it.

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